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Assessment was the very first Enhancement Theme, along with Responding to Student Needs in 2003.

The Assessment Enhancement Theme focused on efficiency and effectiveness:

  • efficient assessment that does not take up an overly burdensome amount of time for students or staff
  • effective assessment that produces a result that is informative, valid, just and robust.

There were two main strands of work related to the Assessment Enhancement Theme:

  • a series of eight workshops on various assessment sub-topics
  • considering the honours degree classification system.

Assessment workshop series

A series of eight workshops on various assessment sub-topics was run for the Scottish higher education sector between January and June 2004. These workshops, designed for a broad audience of staff and students, aimed to:

  • identify key issues and problems
  • share and develop good practice in learning and teaching in higher education at institutional level
  • develop strategies to support the enhancement of learning and teaching across the sector.

Overview papers and the speaker's materials (PowerPoint slides and full papers) for each of the eight workshops are all available to download.


All workshops outcomes were compiled and published in two volumes and accompanied by a short overview report: