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Graduates for the 21st Century: Integrating the Enhancement Themes

Graduates for the 21st Century worked across all Scotland’s higher education institutions to consolidate the earlier Themes and to consider two overarching questions.

  • What should be the attributes of a graduate from Scottish higher education in the 21st century?
  • How can the achievement of these attributes best be supported?

The Theme work was carried out in a variety of ways.

  • Each institution set up a team to consider graduate attributes and to align the work of the previous Themes with their particular institutional priorities and strategies. Commissioned project facilitators worked on updating the work in the areas of the previous Themes.

  • Through areas of shared interest, mainly around the previous Themes, institutions were supported in sharing and learning from enhancement approaches across Scottish higher education and, as with earlier Themes, from outside Scotland.

  • The Scottish higher education sector collectively considered the graduate attributes needed for the 21st century, the likely needs of an increasingly diverse range of learners and how best to support students to achieve these attributes. This approach included the creation of the of events.

Final Reports