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University of Abertay

Abertay University has several overall aims as part of its work on the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.  It aims to gain a better holistic understanding of current policies and practices which impact upon student transitions at Abertay.  It aims to enhance its policies and practices through sharing transitions practice and learning from others in the Scottish sector and beyond.  It also aims to contribute to the development of the overall national programme of work.

During its work into the theme, Abertay will map the student transitions landscape at Abertay and analyse areas where there may be gaps of provision, in order to subsequently prioritise areas for development.  They will develop a programme of work involving pilot projects on the topics of pre-entry support, on course transitions and transitions to employment.

Abertay will utilise an active engagement model rather than concentrate on dissemination at the end of the three year period.

The institutional lead is Alistair Robertson.

Case Studies (2014-15)

Key Areas

  • Pre-entry support
  • On course transitions
  • Transitions to employment


  • Will focus on dissemination across the whole theme rather than at the end.

2014-2015 - Scoping phase

  • Mapping the student transitions landscape
  • Reviewing Abertay’s recent “Baselining the student journey” project report
  • Undertaking a gap analysis and prioritising areas for development.
  • Developing a detailed programme of work
  • Undertaking pilot projects in key thematic areas (as identified above)

2015-2017 - Development phase

  • Build on pilot projects.  Extend through internal funding calls through the Abertay Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (ATLEF).
  • Host a major event in 2016-17 to showcase work of the projects.