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Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon will develop an overview map of student transitions to highlight key stakeholders, issues, current support and potential opportunities.  They will also establish a student internship to investigate the issues of transition from a student perspective.  The University has also recruited a new lecturer post in student transitions, to build engagement in the theme and through the scoping exercise, to enable the work of the theme across all the levels of activity.

The institutional lead is James Dunphy

Case Studies (2014-15)

Key Areas

The key focus of Robert Gordon University’s work on the student transitions enhancement theme will be to make students’ transitions better. Their approach to working on the theme will focus on three levels of activity:

  • Cross-University
    • informed by university strategy and key reference points (e.g. NSS, outcomes of annual monitoring)
  • Discipline
    • areas of relevance at course and school level
  • Student
    • aiding students to become better prepared and more resilient.  Including student to student support.


Year 1

  • Getting started - theme scoping
    • Establishment of an internship to investigate issues of transition from a student perspective.
    • Undertake a scoping of the theme, via preparation of an overview map,  alongside a critical appraisal of student transitions at RGU.
    • Key informant interviews with colleagues across the university.
    • Participation in theme events held by QAA Scotland.
    • Recruitment of a new lecturer in student transitions – to build engagement with the theme – and the establishment of an Institutional Leadership Group for the theme.
    • Getting started – year 1 development work
      • Identification of themes for cross-university focus (international, stage 3 undergraduate and early leavers) and starting work on these.
      • Engaging our disciplines and departments, including via the establishment of Student Transitions Enhancement Awards.
      • Working with RGU: Union to support student engagement in the theme and to consider student-led transitions support.

Year 2 and 3

  • An understanding of the phasing of activity across the three years will emerge, informed by work in year 1.
  • The outcomes of the first round of cross-university and discipline/department work will be used to identify changes to policy or practice and areas for enhancement.