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University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen intend to map their transitions activity in a way which helps to identify areas where further initiatives could be implemented or adapted.  They intend to disseminate good practice, encourage changes in practice in other areas and connect practice across Colleges and academic Schools.  The University is currently writing its Strategic Plan for 2015 to 2020 and the priorities identified in the new plan will inform the institution’s Enhancement Theme activities.

One output of the work on the theme will be a scoping report which will influence funded projects around student transitions in the University.  By the final year of the theme, they will have evaluated the impact of their dissemination activities to enhance existing practice, and identify an action plan for further work.

The institutional lead is Kath Shennan.

Case Studies (2014-15)

Key Areas

  • Scoping exercise to identify existing effective practice and gaps in current provision
  • Changing and improving practice
  • Internal and external dissemination


Year 1

  • Scoping exercise to identify existing effective practice and areas for improvement
    • Examples of effective practice under In, Through and Out categories
    • Areas of student transition which have received little attention or where current initiatives have not proved successful
    • Provision across the wider UK HE sector to benchmark their student transition support
    • The scoping project will produce a report which will inform future provision
  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement Programme: Changing and improving practice
    • Small funded projects, evaluation and dissemination
    • Programme will be reviewed and redesigned to focus on new theme initiatives
  • Internal and external dissemination
    • A need to prioritise the dissemination of existing effective practice in supporting student transitions. Dissemination will be carried out in several ways
      • The University’s Annual Academic Development Symposium
      • Other internal events and activities

Year 2

  • Continuing to disseminate effective practice
  • Employment of a student intern - to develop a good practice portal

Year 3

  • Enhancement activities that have taken place will be evaluated by a postgraduate researcher.
  • Evaluation will identify the reach of dissemination activities and the impact that they have had
  • Identify an action plan for further work