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University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh will investigate the development of an institutional student transitions toolkit as part of their work on the theme.  In advance of this, the University will undertake a scoping exercise to identify current student transitions-related activity to gain a full understanding of existing practice across the University.  The University will gather students’ views on what they feel are important transitions.  They will also share and embed best practice and explore synergies between activities, including links between academic Schools and support services.

As part of their work, the University intend to explore how students with diverse educational backgrounds can best be supported through their important transitions.

The institutional lead is Nichola Kett.

Key Areas

  • Scoping-exercises
  • Sharing and embedding of best-practice
  • Exploring synergies between activities, especially professional service areas
  • Running “Gearing up for Transitions” event for staff and students
  • Supporting students with diverse educational backgrounds


  • Run an annual event
  • Investigate the development of a student transitions toolkit
  • Evidencing impact