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University of Stirling

The University of Stirling plans to undertake five specific projects over the three years of the theme, with each project looking at different types of transitions: transition into first year; from college to university; international transitions; into honours and transitions into, and out of,  placements and the workplace.  These five projects aim to investigate key points in the student journey but will also focus on important aspects such as widening access, social inclusion and student expectations.

The project work will involve scoping and identification of good practice, piloting activities and subsequent action planning to embed enhancement activities after the conclusion of the theme.

The institutional lead is Ruth Watkins.

Case Studies (2014-15)

  • Access to Undergraduate Study
    • Supports transitions into HE for non-traditional students
  • Student Peer Support - STEER
    • STEER is open to any student in their first year at the university. Supports transition into university
  • Psychology Literate Citizenship
    • For Psychology students in their final year of an Honours programme. Supports transition into the working world
  • Flying Start Leadership Programme
    • Supports students through the transition into their postgraduate studies from their previous university experience, as well as focusing on the development of specific professional skills that are sought after by graduate employers

Key Areas (via 5 projects)

  • Come On In - Initial transition into the first year of study
    • Mature Students: Social inclusion
    • Advanced entry: Staff and student awareness/necessary information
    • Transition to PG study: Managing expectations
  • Hitting the Ground Running
    • Transitions within integrated degree (2+2) programmes: Identity and engagement
    • The move from college to university: Integration
  • Going Global
    • International students coming into UoS: Expectations and needs of students
    • Transition into and out of international study placements (home students): Challenges and solutions
  • Upping the Ante
    • Transition into honours years: Expectations and identity
  • Navigating Work Places
    • Transitions into the workplace: Roles and expectations
    • Transition back into academic study for those returning to University after work experience/placement: Reflection on skills development


Year 1

  • Data collection
  • Identification of good practice
  • Scoping and final design of projects
  • Pilot work and some projects may start
  • Identification of potential cross-project outcomes

Year 2

  • Implementation of projects and detailed work
  • Initial evaluation
  • Monitoring  and recording  of cross-project outcomes
  • Dissemination of findings

Year 3

  • Completion of projects
  • Action planning and final evaluation
  • Reporting cross-project outcomes
  • Dissemination of findings