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University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) nature as a multi-level university, covering SCQF levels 5 to 12, create unique opportunities and issues for students and staff in managing the transitions at all levels.  During the student transitions enhancement theme, UHI intend to focus on three main areas of transition: curriculum for excellence and transitions from school; a more flexible first year and transition into SCQF level 8; and transitions to work.

These three themes are already part of UHIs core activities and will be further developed through evaluation, reflection, research and action.  UHIs aspiration is to continue to widen access and offer students, regardless of geographical location, personal circumstances or educational background as many opportunities as possible.

The institutional lead is Peter Honeyman.

Case Studies (2014-15)

Key Areas

  • Curriculum for excellence transition from school
  • A more flexible first year and transition into SCQF level 8
    • HNC/D programmes to prepare for HE study should be genuine equivalent to standard entry qualifications
    • Investigation of a more flexible “foundation” first year
  • Transitions to work
    • Reflect and evaluate institutional approaches


Year 1  

  • Impact of Curriculum for Excellence on early years of HE and FE
  • Access to HE from HNC/D programmes
  • Preparation for world of work


  • Continue widening access opportunities
  • Evaluation, reflection, research and action
  • Engage with staff and students and external stakeholders such as SQA, Schools and education authorities, QAA, HEA and other HEIs
  • Development of partnerships and articulation agreements
  • Develop relationships with employers
  • Initial conversations with SRUC, UWS and GSA about possible collaboration