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University of Abertay

Abertay University has several overall aims as part of its work on the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.  It aims to gain a better holistic understanding of current policies and practices which impact upon student transitions at Abertay.  It aims to enhance its policies and practices through sharing transitions practice and learning from others in the Scottish sector and beyond.  It also aims to contribute to the development of the overall national programme of work.

For the second year of the Theme, the University is funding several projects focusing on Student Transitions. A condition of funding was that all projects had to have an element of student engagement which not only includes students as subjects of the research but also as active participants in the research.

The institutional lead is Alistair Robertson.


  • Glasgow Caledonian University
    • Collaboration over a call for student-led projects to share practice and experiences as undergraduate student-led pedagogic research is a developing area for both institutions
  • University of Stirling
    • Collaboration with Stirling’s “Transitions Skills” project


Year 2

  • Abertay Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (ATLEF) projects
    • Understanding the students journey for students exiting a wider access programme onto undergraduate degree programmes
    • Tracking career destinations of sports graduates. What impact do in-curricula employability initiatives have on the transition into employment?
    • Fit for the Future – Transforming Abertay’s Class Rep System
    • Find My Class Rep' - Digital Products and Services to Support the Class Rep System
    • The Enterprising University: Student-led commercialization of Abertay University assets
    • Development and testing of a "Capture the Flag" type application for self-assessment and evaluation of job-relevant hacking skills
    • Evaluating the impact of curriculum reform on Abertay Attributes
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy review
    • Academic tutoring
    • Autumn 2016 conference

Year 3

  • Dissemination of ATLEF student transitions projects at our autumn 2016 TLE conference
  • Completion of student-led ATLEF projects
  • Continued collaboration with other Scottish institutions, as appropriate
  • Evaluation of student transitions-related projects and initiatives
  • Drawing together key lessons learned and impact assessment
  • Continued contributions to national development work through the Enhancement Themes TLG, SHEEC, Enhancement Themes conference etc.

Institutional topics considered

  • Widening access
  • Employability and skills

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