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Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University’s Enhancement work uses the current theme to complement developments already underway at the institution.  There are two key areas of student transitions that have been identified as relevant to the University’s priorities: shorter time to completion for postgraduate research students (PGRs) and improved retention and progression of undergraduate students.

Heriot-Watt staff and student organisations submitted project proposals related to the work of the theme: currently 8 projects have been successful.  These are supported by QAA funds and match-funded by Heriot-Watt.

The institutional lead is Irene Malcolm



  • Work is ongoing across the University to improve the PGR completion times, including increasing the development support for supervisors
  • In relation to retention and progression, Heriot-Watt Enhancement projects are working on a range of aspects, tailored to the needs of students at particular campuses, while progressing the overall strategy of the University
  • Learning & Teaching Symposium, Student transitions: high quality engagement and learning
  • Issues that emerge from the current projects will be analysed by the Heriot-Watt Institutional Team. This analysis will inform future developments that further the institutional and school aims, drawn from their Learning & Teaching Strategy

Institutional topics considered

  • Postgraduate
  • Widening access
  • Employability and skills

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