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Queen Margaret University

At Queen Margaret University there are multiple activities relating to transition taking place but the full picture is difficult to obtain.  The institutional team wish to view transition as guided by themes such as identity and belonging; and change and resilience.

For the second year of the Theme, five funded institutional projects will take place to develop new proposals of how to improve student transitions within the university.

The institutional lead is Jo Rowley.


  • Heriot-Watt University
    • Development of a joint project to develop an understanding of the particular transitions needs of widening participation students


Year 2 and 3

  • Projects for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (PETL) – Commissioned work considering several areas of student transitions.  5 to be funded
  • Working to disseminate videos on the transition from school essay-writing techniques to university ones.
  • Strengthening of the Personal Academic Tutor System
  • Plans to disseminate and modify the examples of good practice on longitudinal induction and the curriculum route-map

Institutional topics considered

  • Student resilience
  • Change processes
  • Application and First Year
  • Widening access

Download reports and plans