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Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University are focusing on three levels of activity, as follows:

  • Cross-University – areas which are identified through the University’s strategy or the outcomes of institutional processes such as the NSS and internal monitoring;
  • Discipline – areas of relevance to our colleagues at school and course level;
  • Student – aiding students to become better prepared and more resilient. This includes student to student support.

The University has recruited a new lecturer post in student transitions, to build engagement in the theme and through the scoping exercise, to enable the work of the theme across all the levels of activity.  For the second year of the Theme, the University will focus on supporting the transition experience of Commuting students, January Intake students and Distance Learning students.

The institutional lead is Liam Waldron.



Year 2

  • Visit to the University of Strathclyde in February 2016 to share findings on commuting students and discuss how to support them
  • All of the Theme-related activity will be shared across the University via the newly designed Moodle page for our Department for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Access (DELTA)

Year 3

  • The outcomes of the first and second rounds of cross-university and discipline/department work will be used to identify changes to policy or practice, and areas for enhancement so as to improve the transition experience of students