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University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh undertook a scoping exercise in the first year of the Theme which led to the production of a static “map” of student transitions-related activities.  For year 2 the University are now planning to hold further events related to the Theme, and have several small funded projects (all of which have involved some form of student engagement) which are considering different methods of supporting transitions at Edinburgh.

The institutional lead is Nichola Kett.

Case studies (2015-16)



Year 2

  • Promoting the Sharing and Embedding of Best Practice and Exploring Synergies
  • Annual event – Gearing up for Transitions
  • International Graduate Departure Conference
  • Projects
    • From Third Spacer to Third Space Facilitator
    • Transitions to university – helping students help each other
    • Development Hub
    • Peer Learning and Support Alumni Mentoring
    • Peer Support and Development of Scientific Community
    • Video Series on University Experience
    • Student transitions map

Year 3

  • Continue with priorities identified for 2015/16
  • Support individual projects
  • Run an annual event
  • By the end of the theme produce a resource which helps Schools to understand students’ transitions and the major characteristics of positive transitions