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University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is undertaking five specific projects over the three years of the theme, with each project looking at different types of transitions: transition into first year; from college to university; international transitions; into honours and transitions into, and out of, placements and the workplace.  These five projects aim to investigate key points in the student journey but will also focus on important aspects such as widening access, social inclusion and student expectations.

The project work will involve scoping and identification of good practice, piloting activities and subsequent action planning to embed enhancement activities after the conclusion of the theme.  The second year of the Theme sees the institution work towards developing its Student Transitions Framework, which is involving collaboration from several other Scottish institutions.

The institutional lead is Ruth Watkins.



Year 2

  • Sustain project work and maintain an overview on themes emerging
  • Raise the profile of the ‘Transition’ theme and engagement across the University community
  • Promote embedding of good practice into everyday practice
  • Promote collaboration with other institutions
  • Developing a ‘skills’ framework to support transitions work in schools and make clear links to Graduate Attributes
  • Considering enhanced administrative support for the Transitions Group

Year 3

  • Ensure that projects are completed and reported on, in a timely manner
  • Report on progress of the ‘Student experience/skills’ framework
  • Draw out, and integrate, output and conclusions from project work to produce a final report and set of recommendations for the Institution
  • Ensure that evaluation and impact studies are completed and disseminated
  • Consider how the Transitions work will be embedded within process and practice, and sustained
  • Consider dissemination of final reports etc to internal/external stakeholders
  • Complete multimedia resource
  • Promote engagement with the QAA Enhancements Themes conference 2017
  • Contribute to transitions framework for the Scottish higher education
  • Reflect on our organisation and operationalisation of this current theme and consider how the next QET will be supported and led in the Institution

Institutional topics considered

  • Application and First Year
  • Widening access
  • Employability and skills
  • Colleges and articulation
  • International and mobility
  • Honours
  • Expectations

Download reports and plans