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University of Strathclyde

Strathclyde University’s approach to the student transitions enhancement theme is informed by institutional activity and progress on previous Themes, particularly The First Year: Engagement and Empowerment, Graduate Attributes for the 21st Century and more recently their achievements with Developing and Supporting the Curriculum.  They will align Student Transitions with the University’s strategic priorities.

In summer 2014, four student interns at Strathclyde scoped Student Transitions into Higher Education.  This resulted in a substantial report which delivered a number of headline messages and key recommendations.  Strathclyde’s aim is to capitalise on those messages, review the recommendations and take them forward as appropriate.

Strathclyde intend to map their existing transition practices and develop a new set of Principles and Practices for engaging with student transitions.

The institutional lead is Mark Ellis.



Year 2

  • Funding of five projects focused on transitions through or beyond Strathclyde
    • To incorporate students as research interns
    • Either one- or two-year projects
    • Some focus on postgraduate students and commuting students
  • Reporting of five funded projects from 2014-15, focused on dissemination within Strathclyde and externally
    • Creation of case studies describing good practice
  • Student Transitions event to be held in February, to disseminate findings from 2014-15 funded projects and to invite bids for 2015-16 funding
  • Development of Strathclyde-specific “logic model” of student transitions

Year 3

  • Funding of further projects focused on transitions beyond Strathclyde
  • Dissemination of findings from 2016-17 projects
  • Events to bring together all those who have contributed to work around the theme
  • Development of sustainability plan to ensure longer-term impact of work around the them

Institutional topics considered

  • Postgraduate
  • Employability and skills
  • Application and First Year

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