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University of Abertay

During the final year of the Theme, the University is engaging in a number of activities these include: funded institutional projects relating to online learning and student transitions; engagement on national level through attendance and participation with the Enhancement Themes conference; TLG; and organising an institutional conference.

Through the Abertay Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (ATLEF) the institution has opened a call to all staff and students to submit projects focused on online learning and student transitions. The fund is consists of funding from both the Enhancement Themes and institution. In this call projects are required to include student engagement as an aspect of the research.

Furthermore, the University is planning to conduct an evaluation of the ATLEF and part of its Enhancement Theme work. The institutional team will be using the Logic Model to evaluate the impact of the Theme over the last three years and into the future, within the University. It is expected that as part of this evaluation, the landscape exercise undertaken at the beginning of the Theme will also be evaluated in order to ascertain distance travelled during the Theme and consider further developments.

The institutional lead is Alistair Robertson.

Collaborative work


  • Dissemination of 2015-16 ATLEF projects and 2016 ATLEF student transition projects at Abertay University’s TLE conference;
  • Completion of student-led ATLEF projects;
  • Completion of 2016-17 staff-led ATLEF projects;
  • Launch further call for 2016-17 projects to further develop past ATLEF projects;
  • Continued collaboration with other Scottish institutions, as appropriate;
  • Evaluation of student transitions-related projects and initiatives;
  • Drawing together key lessons learned and impact assessment;
  • Continued contributions to national development work through the Enhancement Themes, TLG, SHEEC, Enhancement Themes conference etc.

Student commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

Abertay University has provided student commentary to four case studies submitted during the first year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case study Student commentary
Community Links – placement opportunities for students on Sociology-based programmes Community Links (PDF)
Principal’s Award for Employability Principal’s Award (PDF)
Articulation Support Tutor Articulation Support Tutor (PDF)
The Abertay Graduate School inculcating interdisciplinary working in next generation of researchers Abertay Graduate School Video (Video - Password: 17April2017)
Abertay College Transition (ACT) Programme Abertay College Transition (ACT) Programme (PDF)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

A video about the student experience of different types of teaching activities. Abertay University uses lectures, tutorials and practical as the main kind of teaching activities which students will experience. The videos developed by the University are being embedded into the Xerte learning object which was developed by students in 2016 to support transitions to university which has a section about different teaching experiences.

Watch the video