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Glasgow Caledonian University

In the final year of the Theme, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is continuing its focus on postgraduate student transitions and development of online resources to support both staff and students. The University is also looking to continue its collaborative efforts with Abertay University.

The University is also working with its Students’ Association on two projects, one complete (articulation) and one due to complete (Students’ Association support for postgraduate students). Furthermore, the University will be supporting this year’s Annual Student Summit. The Summit is an annual event where staff and students come together to discuss key issues surrounding the University’s commitment to deliver an outstanding student experience.

The institutional lead is Alison Nimmo.

Collaborative work

Student Commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The Glasgow has provided five student commentaries to four case studies submitted during the first and second year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
Welcoming and Engaging Care Experienced Students Transition into GCU: GCU’s Advanced Higher Hub and GCU Support for Care Experienced Young People Video & Transcript –Transition Part 1
SAGE – Student Action Group for Engagement | Student Experience Summit Transition through GCU: GCU Student Action Group on engagement (SAGE) and to GCU’s Student Summit Video & Transcript – Transition Part 2
Emerging perspectives of transition within an articulation pathway Transition through and out of GCU: Student Perspectives of transition within an articulation pathway Video & Transcript – Transition Part 3

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

Glasgow Caledonian University produced a video for and by students at the University. It highlights five areas where the University supports student transition through the experience of GCU students who have participated in these transition activities.

Watch the video