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Glasgow School of Art summary

In the final year of the Theme, Glasgow School of Art is focusing on student transitions out of University. This focus will build upon the institution’s aspirations for cross-school opportunities for interdisciplinary learning in relation to the development of students as professional practitioners. This will be achieved through the “Designing Your Own Future” project. Other work in the School of Art will focus on building upon the recently completed project “An anatomy of Employability” which mapped professional practice opportunities for students. Finally, the institution is looking to explore the Postgraduate Taught students’ experience.

The institutional lead is Vicki Gunn.

Collaborative work


  • Develop ‘Designing Your Own Future’ within the curriculum
  • Build upon the recently completed project ‘An anatomy of Employability’ which mapped professional practice opportunities for students within and out width the curriculum and focus on exploring the range of live projects embedded within studio based delivery
  • Conduct an exploration of the lived experiences of students in postgraduate taught programmes through a student-led project
  • Run a co-created staff development event for teaching staff in postgraduate taught programmes based on results of the student-led project
  • Create a student focused multimedia presentation ‘Preparing to Learn in Studio’ as part of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme Multimedia artefacts
  • Reconstitute the Institutional Team and recruit members who can effectively support the theme of Transitions Out of Art School
  • Continue to develop collaborative activity with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Engage with sectoral work on the theme through participation in national Enhancement Theme activity.

Student Commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

Glasgow School of Art has provided student commentaries to five case studies submitted during the first and second year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
The cross-school course first year – Glasgow School of Art Interview with Robert (Audio file)
Supporting Transition Articulation to a studio based learning environment Interview with Megan (Audio file) | Interview with Sam (Audio file)
Design Domain – at Glasgow School of Art Interview with Kayla (Audio file)
The Education Debate - Year 3 Mackintosh School of Architecture Interview with an architecture student (Audio file)
Singapore Summer School Overseas Immersion Programme for Communication and Interior Design Students at Glasgow School of Art Interview with a student from Singapore (Audio file)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

Glasgow School of Art produced a short video featuring interviews with a number of students from different entry backgrounds.

Watch the video