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University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is planning to focus on six main streams of work during the final year of the Student Transitions Theme these are: postgraduate transitions; ‘focus on’ student group-specific transitions; completion of the University’s Student Transitions map; a Student transitions event for staff and students; continuing collaborative work and creating their institutional multi-media artefact.

The institutional lead is Lorraine Anderson.

Collaborative work


  • Develop PG Transitions stream of work to look at both Masters and Doctoral level students from the perspectives of transitioning into, through and out of current study.
  • Development of a PhD Welcome event;
  • Deliver ‘Focus on’ student group-specific transitions looking at two distinct groups at transition points: international students transitioning into the University and students transitioning from level two to level three of undergraduate study.
  • Development of a Global Welcome for international students.
  • Development of a ‘Top Up’ transitions module.
  • Completion of University of Dundee’s Student Transitions map.
  • Deliver a Student Transitions event In May/June 2017.
  • Continue collaborative work by delivery of the special issue of the JPAAP journal and through PIPS work.
  • Develop an online student toolkit as part of the development of the Theme multimedia artefact.

Student Commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The University of Dundee has provided student commentary to five case studies submitted during the first and second year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
Lost in Transition? Student Experiences of Articulation Lost in Transition (Video)
Welcome Week at the University of Dundee Welcome week (PDF)
Gateway to Learning Gateway to Learning (PDF)
Principles of Postgraduateness (PoP) Principles of Postrgraduateness (PDF)
Supporting an Inclusive Approach to ‘Becoming’ and ‘Belonging’ at the University of Dundee Supporting an Inclusive Approach (PDF)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University of Dundee has developed a website called LEARN Smart. LEARN Smart points to information and resources that will help students in preparing for university, during their studies and when thinking about their career.

Visit the website