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University of Edinburgh

During the final year of the Theme, the University is planning to hold a conference called, Gearing up for Transitions, which is expected to have a reflective focus to align with the final year of the current Enhancement Theme. The University is planning to continue to work on a number of projects started earlier in this Theme and it is anticipated that priority will be given to projects linked to resilience and the themes identified from the Gearing up for Transitions event, which were: transitions into university; transitions during the period of study; transitions out of university; and resilience.

The University of Edinburgh is focusing on extracting the learning from case studies and other related resources gathered during the Enhancement Theme, which will be used to create a staff resource identifying important transitions and what good transitions look like. The University is also planning to review its resources and case studies in order to ascertain which ones remain current. The remaining case studies from the review will then be used to inform a wiki page which will be developed and coordinated by the Institute for Academic Development.

The institutional lead is Nichola Kett.

Collaborative work


  • Deliver the annual ‘Gearing up for Transitions’ event.
  • Consider scale of projects to receive support from the University and decide priority for projects.
  • Explore ways to extract the learning from case studies and other related resources gathered during the Enhancement Theme. Explore how these could be used to create a staff resource.
  • Review the case studies and other related resources gathered during the Enhancement Theme with the aim to identifying those which remain current.
  • Develop a student-facing website of resources as part of the development of the Theme multimedia artefact.
  • Continue work in collaborative activities.

Student Commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The University of Edinburgh has provided student commentary to five case studies submitted during the first and second year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
Extended January Welcome for Visiting Students at the University of Edinburgh January Welcome Student Commentary (PDF)
Building Supportive Communities by Promoting Student-Led Transition Teams Building Supportive Communities Student Commentaries (PDF)
Student-Led Individually Created Courses (SLICCs) SLICCs Student Commentaries (PDF and Video)
Making Transitions Personal Making Transitions Personal Student Commentary (PDF)
The Role of Open Badges in Supporting Student Representatives’ Transitions Open Badges Student Commentary (PDF)


Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University of Edinburgh has developed a suite of web pages, which includes a number of videos and document links, aimed at helping students adapt to and get the best from their university experience.

Visit the website