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University of Glasgow

In line with work carried out through the first two years of the Theme, the University of Glasgow’s primary focus remains on transitions (through university) to blended learning. The work continues to be led by a core team and complimented by a wider team drawn from across the University.

The final year of the Theme will be used to evaluate the interventions developed during year two and conduct further dissemination activity. The University will be looking to implement interventions identified in the previous year of the Theme and to promote commitment, communication, collaboration and competence of all stakeholder groups in relation to drawing upon findings to date to support student transitions into blended learning.

Furthermore, the University is conducting work to identify student transitions related work which is being carried out across the University. It is hoped that this exercise will identify suitable case studies which can, be drawn up and added to the Student Transitions map.

Finally, during year three of the Theme, there will be an increased emphasis on dissemination activities to take place across the University and also in the wider sector.

The institutional lead is Vicki Dale.

Collaborative work


  • Finalise work plans and other documentations for QAA Scotland;
  • Prepare interventions;
  • Initial collaborative activity takes place;
  • Engaging with Students Representative Councilto develop student commentaries;
  • Recruit Research assistant;
  • Report on progress of work linked to year 3 of the Theme;
  • Write up collaborative outcomes;
  • Submit student commentaries to QAA Scotland;
  • Write up end of year synopsis;
  • Develop student-facing multimedia and the Theme output.

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University has developed a suite of web pages focused at staff developing online and blended learning resources. The institution’s five student commentaries feature within these web pages.

Visit the website