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University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews’ focus for the Theme emerged from, consultation with staff and students, the University’s strategy and the outcomes of the Enhancement-led Institutional Review held in 2015. The University is exploring three main types of student transitions: the transition from student to professional; transition through collaborative programmes; and transition from taught postgraduate study to research postgraduate study. The main aim of the University’s involvement with the Theme is to develop initiatives and resources that strengthen student confidence, resilience and independence. This runs through the main objectives in the University’s plan of work, alongside creating positive experiences for postgraduate research students.

The University supports institutional projects relating to the Theme through providing small seed funds for staff and students.

The institutional lead is Rosalind Campbell.

Collaborative work

  • The University of St Andrews has collaborated with a number of Scottish Higher Education Institutions in sharing information and good practice about funding schemes, transition skills (University of Edinburgh) and PGT and PGR transitions (Glasgow Caledonian University).


  • Continue to progress with the plan of work for the three strategic priorities/transitions
  • Continue to promote the funding scheme and fund student and staff-led initiatives
  • Collaborate with other institutions
  • Implement sustainable initiatives to help students actively manage their transitions
  • Attend sector events including SHEEC and TLG meetings, institutional team events, the Student Network and the Enhancement Theme conference
  • Showcase and disseminate positive practice at a St Andrews-based closing event and the Enhancement Theme conference
  • Evaluate the outputs and impact of the Theme
  • Hold a closing event to showcase and disseminate good practice
  • Prepare an end of year synopsis and multimedia element for the QAA.

Student Commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The University of St Andrews has provided student commentaries to two case studies submitted during the second year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme and four further commentaries to other activity relating to the Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
Not linked to a year 1 or 1 institutional case study Interactive videos to enhance independent learning and confidence in the Chemistry teaching laboratory (PDF)
Transition through Collaborative Programmes at the University of St Andrews: Study Abroad Internship Online resources for study abroad (PDF)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Online skills and study tool for the non-traditional student (distance learning perspective) (PDF)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Online Pre-arrival English Language and Academic Orientation Module (PDF)
A St Andrews PhD: encouraging students to continue to PGR study at the University of St Andrews Transition to PhD events (PDF)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Student testimonials in relation to Academic Skills Programme (ASP) (Two Videos)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University of St Andrews has developed a mobile application, which gives incoming students ready access to a variety of induction information, helping students transition in a flexible, ‘on the go’ manner into university life. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Download for Android

Download from iTunes