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University of Strathclyde

The final year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme will see the continuing work of the kind undertaken across the University in the first two years and more summative events where the purpose will be to reflect on and capture the key improvements generated and the legacy of the Theme.

There will be an emphasis throughout on identifying sustainable best practice at different levels and phases of the student lifecycle in order to make a lasting difference to the undergraduate and postgraduate experience at the University of Strathclyde.

Four out of the six projects funded in year two will continue in the final year of the Theme with five new projects receiving funding. One project will be led by the Students’ Association. The main areas of work are: online course for incoming students; transitions and learning technologies; supporting the transitions of international students; and dissemination.

The institutional lead is Mark Ellis.


  • Continue work on four projects started in 2015-16
  • Fund five new one-year projects focused particularly on students’ transitions out of Strathclyde
  • University of Strathclyde Students’ Association to undertake a student-led project focused on an aspect of students’ transitions beyond Strathclyde
  • Evaluate and further develop Strathclyde’s online course for incoming undergraduate students
  • Plan a sector-wide meeting on how institutions in Scotland are using learning technologies to support students’ transitions
  • Co-host a sector-wide event with QAA Scotland to disseminate the findings of the QAA-funded report exploring how institutions are supporting, and could support more effectively the transition into Scottish higher education by international students
  • Run an institution-wide event to mark the end and celebrate the work that has taken place around the Students Transitions Enhancement Theme
  • Make funds available for support to projects to attend external events and host events.

Student commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The University of Strathclyde has provided student commentary to three case studies submitted during the first year of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case study Student Commentary
Engineering Academy Student Commentary (Video)
Vertically Integrated Events in Chemistry Programmes Student Commentary (Video)
Toward Professional Competence - Speech and Language Student Commentary (Video)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Education - Student Commentary (Video)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Year Abroad - Student Commentary (Video)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University of Strathclyde has produced a video introducing some of the themes of “We are Strathclyde”, a four-week online course for incoming undergraduates at the University. Students participate in the course prior to arriving at the University. The course includes 60 activities including videos, discussion forums and quizzes, covering a range of ideas, information and useful sources of support. The course also includes a set of videos portraying the lives of three fictional new students as they encounter different issues and challenges. Students on the course are encouraged to interact with each other, and with the staff running the course. The video shows a selection of clips from the course.

Watch the video