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University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is a multi-level university, covering SCQF levels 5 to 12, create unique opportunities and issues for students and staff in managing the transitions at all levels. In the final year of the Theme, the University is continuing to investigate and explore how to improve the student experience of transitioning students.

Through an open call for Transitions-themed projects, four projects were selected and funded in 2016-17. These projects focus on: student transitions and attainment; transitions from further education to employment; higher education and apprenticeships; transition and inductions; and transitions to masters level. The University hope to be able to fund a further two projects during the last year of the Theme.

The institutional lead is Peter Honeyman.


  • Publicise the National Enhancement Themes Conference and encourage early involvement/action on receipt of call for papers
  • Collect and collate examples of good practice and seek student reflection on them
  • Create multimedia output, fulfilled by the Transitions to Masters Project.

Student commentary on case studies developed during the Theme

The University of the Highlands and Islands has provided five student commentaries reflecting the experience of students relating to the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme.

Case Study Student Commentary
Transition from HND to BSc with direct entry between institutions Transitions: HND to BSc, direct entry between institutions - student experience and commentary (PDF)
Bridging from HND to Degree year 3; Popular Music My transitions between HNC Music and BA Popular Music - student experience and commentary (PDF)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Student Commentary (Video)
Not linked to a year 1 or 2 institutional case study Reflective writing about challenges/positives around the transition from Finnish to UK edcuation (PDF)

Student Transitions: Multimedia Resources

The University of the Highlands and Islands has developed the ‘Access to Masters’ platform allowing candidates to assess their suitability for Masters courses and, where required, provides them with self-study modules to help them prepare for their application and the course.

Watch the video or Visit the website