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Can you help us evaluate the Theme?

| 06 Feb 2018


​There's still time to submit expressions of interest and quotations for a project to support the evaluation of the current Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience Enhancement Theme. We’re looking for groups/individuals to develop a model/framework/approach that will evaluate the current Theme and consider the impact of previous Theme activity.

The current Theme focuses on what information is useful in helping us understand what we do well and what could be improved upon when enhancing the student experience. This information includes qualitative and quantitative evidence and will be used to:

  • identify the issues that would benefit from intervention
  • help prioritise interventions for improving the student experience and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions, including reporting on the ways in which the student experience has been improved.

More important than considering Theme activity itself is identifying the impact of the Theme on the student experience. We expect the approach to incorporate qualitative and quantitative evidence. The approach needs to inform the work of the Theme in a longitudinal way so that we can share learning from the activities on an ongoing basis. It also needs to be developed in consultation with the sector. Applications open until Friday 9 February.