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Students leading on key Enhancement Theme project

| 19 Mar 2018

Students from a range of Scottish universities are working in partnership with QAA Scotland and sparqs on a project titled, Responding to the Student Voice: Communicating the Impact. This forms part of the wider Enhancement Theme – Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience work.

The purpose of the project is to explore approaches to informing students about how their feedback and input has been used to improve the overall student experience. Recent movements within the higher education sector have increased the pressure on institutions to capture the ‘student voice’ for regulatory measures, resulting in an increase in the quantity of supporting evidence. With many programme and institutional changes brought about through the use of this evidence, it is important to inform students about how their feedback has influenced their students’ association and institutional activity. To support universities with this, this project aims to:

  • provide an overview of current practice in the sector
  • collate examples of good practice
  • identify a set of key principles to apply
  • produce an international scan of practice

In order to support this work, Scottish institutions will be asked to fill in a questionnaire summarising the mechanisms currently in use for communicating the impact of the student voice. They will also be asked to nominate 3-4 representatives to attend a ‘think-tank’ event being held on 26 April in Glasgow to capture current thinking and to provide an opportunity to:

  • hear about the project and initiatives taking place
  • share ideas and learning around approaches to this
  • explore the range of evidence that supports student learning and teaching
  • consider future needs in this area and plan to get there.

For more information or to get involved in this project, please contact project steering group chair Matt Adie (Vice President Education, University of Stirling Students’ Association) on or Amanda Park, Information Coordinator, QAA Scotland (