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Enhancement Themes announce joint twitter chat with #LTHE about evidence for enhancement

| 11 May 2018

@ThemesTweets will be running the first Enhancement Themes twitter chat in partnership with the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education chat (@LTHEchat) called Hidden Figures – using evidence to support students.

This chat presents an opportunity for staff and students to discuss how to navigate the higher education sector’s data revolution and explore how student demographics, retention and attainment can support learning and teaching.

Inspired by the hugely successful #edchat, #LTHE was set up to focus conversations on learning and teaching in Higher Education (HE). The weekly chat is open to anyone interested in higher education and will provide an opportunity to share practices as well as ideas and connect with other practioners on a regular basis.

The chat will take place on twitter on Wednesday 16 May 2018 from 8pm to 9pm (BST). A blog post about the topics that will be explored in the chat can be read on the @LTHEchats website.

For those unsure, how to take part, please see @LTHEchat’s Q&A below:

Tweetchat help

What is a Tweet Chat?

A TweetChat is a virtual meeting or gathering on Twitter to discuss a common topic. The chat usually lasts one hour and will include some questions to stimulate discussion. Questions will be preceded with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc

For example: Q1 What apps or services do you use to connect with others online? #LTHEchat

Where will I find the TwitterChat?

Create an account on Twitter and then use the search facility to find #LTHEchat

(Depending on your Twitter tool you may be able to save this) or follow this link [add].

How do I take part?

If you wish to respond to a question include the hashtag #LTHEchat

within your tweet and precede your tweet with A1, A2, A3 etc.

For example: A1 I have made new professional connections through using LinkedIn #LTHEchat

Do I have to tweet to take part?

No you don’t, though your contributions will be valued! By following the hashtag #LTHEchat you can simply read the questions raised and answers by those who respond.

If I can’t make the time slot can I follow the TweetChat later?

Yes you can view the discussion by searching for #LTHEchat

Will there be a summary of the session made available afterwards?

Yes – we will use twitter moments to summarise the conversations that each question gives rise to, and post the results back to #LTHEchat

When will the #LTHEchat take place?

Every Wednesday between 8-9pm UK time.