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The Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC)

The Enhancement Themes are planned and directed by the sector through the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC). SHEEC members in the main have institutional responsibility for teaching and learning, and every higher education institution has a member on the committee.

The role of SHEEC

Through its support for and promotion of quality enhancement, the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee ensures that higher education in Scotland remains at the forefront of developing and enhancing the student learning experience and student success.

Strategic aim

Our strategic aim is to ensure that our HE institutions work together to develop, foster and embed a culture of quality enhancement in learning and teaching, through effective partnerships involving staff, students and other stakeholders. In order to achieve this aim, we have identified specific objectives relating to different dimensions of the work of SHEEC.

  • Leadership and influence: to grow and develop the enhancement leadership and management capacity and capability in HEIs across Scotland

  • Evidence based: to grow and share the sector’s evidence base to improve the quality of planning and decision making across the sector

  • Internationalisation: to extend the sector’s international reach and engagement to learn from other systems and spread awareness of our own activities and successes

  • Quality cultures: to support institutions in the management and enhancement of quality in learning and teaching, promoting the development and embedding of a ‘quality culture’ throughout institutional practice

  • Evaluation: to develop and apply systematic approaches to monitoring the impact and effectiveness of our work.

Interview with Chair of SHEEC

Professor Peter McGeorge speaks about the work of SHEEC, the unique Scottish higher education sector, and our annual Enhancement Themes conference, including our upcoming international event.

SHEEC activities to date