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Ruth Watkins

Ruth Watkins

Ruth Watkins is the Head of Student Learning Services at the University of Stirling. Her role focuses on the strategic and operational aspects of the service, teaching core modules on the University’s Access programme, working with individual students on academic issues and being involved in university enhancement initiatives related to student learning (e.g. feedback policy, preventing plagiarism, student induction and transition, graduate attributes). Ruth also works closely with academic schools to ensure that learning, teaching and assessment practices support the development of academic literacies within the disciplines. Ruth is particularly interested in widening access, the transition between college and university, and issues around assignment design and feedback.

Ruth has a background in Earth Sciences and Quaternary Paleoecology and prior to joining the University of Stirling, had previous positions at Trinity College, Dublin (Botany) and the University of the West Scotland (Civil Engineering). Ruth has a PGCert (Higher Education), an MRes in Educational Research, and is a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

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