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In the first year of the Theme, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland carried out a study to determine the different types of transition being used. This helped them understand what transition means and to identify effective practice. The institution focused on transitions which affect:

  • widening access
  • international students
  • the support offered to students.

This work continued during years two and three of the Theme. In year two the Conservatoire explored the needs of students requiring mental health support. The Students’ Union also worked on developing a new online transitions portal during the Theme.

Key areas of work

Widening access, student wellbeing and mental health, technology and online support, international students and mobility.


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Institutional Activity 2014-2017

Publication Date: 11 Oct 2017

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: End of Theme report

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2017