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The University of Aberdeen mapped transitions activity to identify areas for further development. One of the outcomes of their first year activity was the production of a scoping report. This highlighted the areas that could benefit from further work on Student Transitions.

The University’s Learning & Teaching Enhancement Programme (LTEP) distributed funding for projects. Both staff and students were able to put forward proposals for consideration.

In the second year of the Theme, the University also organised events related to the Theme. The University had three project groups working on specific aspects of student transitions:

  • widening participation and induction
  • student engagement
  • managing expectations and work-related learning.

In year three of the Theme, the University focused on evaluation and dissemination. This was done through planned events and use of committees. The Institution also worked on developing a map on internal student transition activity. Finally, the University undertook several internal projects including:

  • commuting students
  • professional skills
  • collaboration with schools and colleges.

Key areas of work

Scoping, student wellbeing and mental health, expectations, postgraduate, employability and skills, application and first year, technology and online support, widening participation and induction activities, student engagement and managing expectations, work-related learning.



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Publication Date: 11 Oct 2017

University of Aberdeen: End of Theme report

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2017