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Over the three years of the Theme, the University of Glasgow focused on transitions involving technology. The aim was to support transitions from face-to-face learning to blended online learning.

In year one, the University employed a research assistant who worked on a literature review. They helped identify examples of good practice and created a model for students moving into online learning.

In the second year of the Theme, the University examined and tested the transition framework developed in year one. They also took part in a joint project with the University of Notre Dame, Australia, on transitions to blended learning.

The final year examined the range of actions developed in year two. Colleagues identified other student transitions related work that was underway at the University. They also increased focus on sharing activities across the University and the wider sector.

Key areas of work

Technology, technology and online support, blended learning.


University of Glasgow: Institutional Activity 2014-2017

Publication Date: 11 Oct 2017

University of Glasgow: End of Theme report

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2017