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The University of Stirling focused on five projects over the three years of the Theme. Each project had a specific type of transition as its main topic. The transitions identified were:

  • transition into first year from college to university
  • international transitions into honours
  • transition into, and out of, placements and the workplace.

These projects aimed to investigate key points in the student journey and considered matters such as widening access, social inclusion and student expectations.

The project work involved the scoping and identification of examples of current good practice. The University also piloted new activities and conducted results based action planning. This work allows the University to embed successful activities after the conclusion of the Theme. In year two, the University worked, with other Scottish institutions, on developing its Student Transitions Framework. In year three of the Theme, the University finished work on the projects started in year one.

Key areas of work

Application and first year, widening access, employability and skills, colleges and articulation, international and mobility, honours, expectations.


University of Stirling: Institutional Activity 2014-2017

Publication Date: 11 Oct 2017

University of Stirling: End of Theme report

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2017