During the Theme, the University of Dundee considered the definitions of student transition and what makes a successful transition. The University also reflected on the best model for that transition.

In the first year of the Theme, the University focused on specific topics including:

  • transition support for first year undergraduate students
  • the transition from college to university and the student experience of placements.

In year two, the University explored postgraduate transitions and student engagement with maths and statistics. They were also involved in developing collaboration activities with other Universities in Scotland.

The University focused on six main streams of work during the final year of the Theme, including:

  • postgraduate transitions
  • ‘focus on’ student group-specific transitions
  • completion of the University’s Student Transitions map
  • a student transitions event for staff and students
  • continuing collaborative work and creating their institutional multi-media artefact.

Key areas of work

Transitions into, through and out of postgraduate studies, international students transitioning into the university, level two to level three transitions in undergraduate studies, employability, application and first year, colleges and articulation, change processes, student resilience.


University of Dundee: Institutional Activity 2014-2017

Publication Date: 11 Oct 2017

This report outlines the wide range of activities completed by the University of Dundee during the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme. The report includes details of the key areas of work, case studies, student commentary, collaborative work and multimedia.

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Author: University of Dundee
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University of Dundee: End of Theme report

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2017

This report outlines the achievements of the University of Dundee during the three years of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme (2014-2017). It also helps to share information across the sector on the benefits and challenges around Enhancement Theme engagement.

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Author: University of Dundee
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