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The Transition Map is a separate website where you can browse a large collection of resources. The resources relating to the way students enter, move through, and leave university, which we refer to as transition types. The Map uses islands to represent each transition type and group materials together. The Map functions as a visual representation of the student journey as well as a source of useful information.

To help you get the most from the website you should use the Video Guide to the Map while browsing the resources.

What does the Transitions Map include?

We have mapped over 460 resources relating to student transitions, including:

  • case studies from Scottish higher education institutions
  • student commentaries on these case studies and other initiatives
  • multimedia resources
  • papers and posters from our international conferences
  • resources produced by QAA Scotland.

The Map contains all the resources produced during the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme. It also contains material produced as part of previous Themes (such as the Mastersness Toolkit). We will continue to add relevant resources as required. The Map is not intended to represent the entirety of practice in Scotland.

Who is the Transitions Map for?

Colleagues in the following roles are likely to find it a valuable resource:

  • Practitioners, including academic staff and administrators, student support staff, and educational developers
  • Students, student representatives, and staff working within students’ associations
  • Those working in any of the Scottish education sectors (the Map includes examples of practice involving transition into higher education, which is likely to interest colleagues in the school and college sectors)
  • Policy makers
  • Those working in higher education outside Scotland who wish to learn more about policy and practice here, including our enhancement-led approach to quality.

Future for the Transitions Map?

The Map will be a long-term legacy of the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme and a resource we will continue to update and promote.

Charting and populating this landscape has helped us to understand how the more common student transitions sit in relation to each other, as well as the patterns, trends, links between, and gaps in existing practice.

If you have practice you’d like us to add to the map, please email us.

Analysis report

We have conducted some analysis of the resources that sit on the ‘Employability’ island. It is our intention to analyse the contents of other islands where there is demand.

Employability: Analysis of Enhancement Themes materials

Publication date: 05 Sep 2018