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The Enhancement Themes are a programme of activity involving the whole higher education sector in Scotland. Staff and students collaborate on one or more topics to improve strategy, policy and practice.

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Help us promote our work - printed resources available

Date: August 15 - 2018

We have produced a range of resources to promote our work including the Enhancement Themes and Focus On. Printed copies of the resources are available to use in your institution or at an event. We have supplied a list of PDF versions for you to view.  If you would like printed copies of any of the resources, please get in touch with QAA Scotland.

Promotional material





  • Student Transitions Map - Promoting resources developed during the Student Transitions Enhancement Theme (Full-colour double-sided).

Latest events

Building Resilient Learning Communities: Using Evidence to Support Student Success

November 3 to November 5 - 2020



Theme evaluation and impact

Find out more on our activity to evaluate the impact of the Enhancement Theme.

Scottish Higher Education Student Transitions Map

Browse a large collection of resources, relating to the way students enter, move through, and leave university.

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