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The Enhancement Themes are a programme of activity involving the whole higher education sector in Scotland. Staff and students collaborate on one or more topics to improve strategy, policy and practice.

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Resilient Learning Communities: call to action on collaborative and sector activity

Date: September 3 - 2020

We are delighted to let you know that an early call for expressions of interest for collaborative clusters is live!

These are projects where groups of institutions agree to work collectively on matters of mutual interest within the broad scope of the Theme, which have the potential to add value to the whole sector once complete.

Supporting collaborative clusters has been a good way of ensuring the Enhancement Theme activity helps staff and students with their priority topics. Eight highly engaging clusters ran as part of Evidence for Enhancement.

To support the cluster activity, and to seek ideas for potential whole sector projects, we have set up a Mural - a simple collaborative whiteboard where you can leave sticky notes and comments.

Please do engage with Mural and encourage your colleagues to populate the whiteboard – we want to reach out and involve a wide range of staff and students across the sector.

Further information about the call and the application form are available below.


Expressions of interest: Resilient Learning Communities (Collaborative cluster 20-21 call details)

Publication Date: 03 Sep 2020

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Building Resilient Learning Communities: Using Evidence to Support Student Success

November 3 to November 5 - 2020



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