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The Enhancement Themes are a programme of activity involving the whole higher education sector in Scotland. Staff and students collaborate on one or more topics to improve strategy, policy and practice.

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Students and the data landscape: Call for examples of practice

Date: November 26 - 2018

This academic year the Enhancement Theme student-led project is focusing on how students are using data and evidence in their work with their students’ associations/unions and institutions or as part of institutional projects or groups.  

The project steering group would like to identify and showcase a range of interesting, innovative and effective practice. We aim to share this across the sector through an event on 7 February 2019, as well as in Enhancement Themes publications and website.

We would like to invite you to submit an example of practice on behalf of your students’ association/union and/or institution. You can make a submission individually or collaboratively by students, students’ association staff members, or institutional staff members.

Here are some of the areas that could be interesting (examples that fall outwith these areas are also welcome):

  • Using national survey data (e.g. NSS, PTES/PRES, IBS, LEO, etc.)
  • Using national datasets (e.g. HESA, SFC, etc.)
  • Learning from institutional surveys and data production, or institutional datasets
  • Student use of dashboards, learning metrics and learning analytics
  • Institution-led Review and annual monitoring
  • Using data/evidence as a student representative
  • Social media
  • Ethics and GDPR
  • Using Students’ Association/Union evaluation data (events, projects, services, etc.)
  • Student voice/feedback

Please submit your example of practice using the online form. We are looking for examples of practice involving all kinds of data and evidence, not just numbers!

The deadline for submitting your example of practice is Thursday 20 December.

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November 3 to November 5 - 2020



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