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Welcome to the new Enhancement Themes website

Date: June 21 - 2018
Introducing the new Enhancement Themes website. As a user of the site, you probably just want a site that works and is kept up to date. No fanfare.
But still, we'd like to celebrate the launch of the new website, even if we do so modestly. The website is an important tool for the Enhancement Theme programme and has been developed on behalf of the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee. You will find the new site offers information and resources relating to the current Enhancement Theme and is a wonderful source of resources for those Themes that have been completed. As our higher education sector continues to develop and innovate, it's important that our website matches that pace.
You should find that the new site is easier to navigate than before and responds to whichever technology you are viewing it on.
Some things will have moved, and your bookmarks will need updating. Bear with us. We'd love to hear your feedback.