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Responding to Student Needs was one of the first Enhancement Themes launched in 2003. This Enhancement Theme identified and considered two key projects to investigate and develop.


Student Needs in the First Year of Study

Following a consultation with focus groups we identified four strands for this project:

  1. induction
  2. personal tutor systems
  3. approaches to integrating student support
  4. the first-year learning experience.

Small development teams were setup to take this work forward.

Student feedback and evaluation

This work involved a group of project officer who collected examples of good practice and innovative approaches from the sector.

We published an overview report for this Enhancement Theme and an outcome report on the findings of both projects.

Theme overview report

Responding to student needs: Overview

Publication date: 25 May 2005

Project outcomes report

Responding to Student Needs: Project Outcomes

Publication date: 25 May 2005