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Building on the sector-wide commitment to tackle racism in Scottish higher and further education, QAA Scotland and AdvanceHE are working together with the tertiary sector to develop and curate resources, learn from current practice, and recognise best practice both in Scotland and beyond.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project (2020-21) was funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and managed by AdvanceHE, building on the excellent work of the SFC-funded Tackling Racism on Campus project. This has resulted in a range of resources, created by a cross-sector working group, which you can find on the AdvanceHE website. The resources constitute a guide to getting started on this vital work, and include considerations of language, curriculum development, approaches to teaching, student engagement, allyship and more.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the project (2021-22) will be managed by QAA Scotland as a major component of the current Enhancement Theme, Resilient Learning Communities. The aims of Phase 2 are:

  • To facilitate discussions about developing anti-racist curricula in particular discipline areas;
  • To facilitate discussions with a network of academic developers across a range of providers;*
  • To share practice and develop resources based on the above discussions;
  • To pilot and evaluate resources produced in Phase 1;
  • To make recommendations for the continuation of the project in 2022-23.

*This will build on the successful Decolonising the Curriculum in the Time of Pandemic collaborative cluster, which ran in session 2020-21.

Further information will be published here in the coming weeks.

Executive Group