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We work with students and staff from across the Scottish higher education sector to deliver student-led projects as part of each Enhancement Theme. During the current Resilient Learning Communities Theme, QAA Scotland are working in partnership with sparqs (student partnerships in quality Scotland) to support this activity under the umbrella of Higher Education: More than a Degree.

Drawing on the expertise of a student-led Steering Group, strands of work will be identified each year which reflect key priorities for students and support the delivery of the Enhancement Theme. Each project will develop policy, practice, resources and networks around common issues and areas of interest.

The page includes links to each student-led project within the current theme.


The steering group for the student-led project is comprised of students’ association officers and staff members with student engagement roles from across Scotland.

Supported by:

  • Megan Brown, Development Consultant, sparqs
  • Demelza Curnow, Quality Enhancement Manager, QAA Scotland

Exploring Community Partnerships for the Future of Further and Higher Education

Our student-led project for 2022-23 will explore partnership working between further and higher education institutions and their local communities: what do successful community partnerships look like and how can everyone benefit from the relationship?  

Promoting the Equity of the Student Learning Experience

Our student-led project in session 2021–22 explored equity and inclusiveness in an increasingly diverse student population and how we can ensure that all students get the support they need to succeed in their studies.

Digital Student Communities

Our student-led project in session 2020-21 explored issues and themes relevant to how higher education institutions and students’ associations/unions have recreated student communities in an online environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.