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Project overview

Learning analytics is one of the six collaborative cluster projects. It aims to scope the collective understanding of learning analytics within the Scottish sector. The project is being led by the University of Strathclyde, with contributions from 13 other institutions.

  • Building on the work complete during year one, the cluster has developed the STELAR wiki resource to help share and promote practice.
  • The cluster has also undertaken research into student engagement with learning analytics. We will publish a report on that work soon.


Learning Analytics Resources

The STELAR (Scottish Tertiary Education Learning Analytics Resource) wiki helps share and promote learning analytics policy and practice in Scotland’s higher education sector. The wiki, which the University of Strathclyde host, also supports cross-institutional collaboration for institutions implementing learning analytics.



Learning Analytics: Student Perception across Scottish Higher Education Institutions

Publication Date: 04 Sep 2019

Learning Analytics: Student Categories

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2018

activity updates

Learning Analytics: Collaborative Cluster - Year two Summary Report

Publication Date: 04 Sep 2019

Learning analytics: collaborative cluster - year two update

Publication Date: 11 Dec 2018

Learning analytics: collaborative cluster report

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2018