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Project overview

The creative disciplines is one of the collaborative cluster projects. This project aims to raise awareness of how institutions are using outcomes metrics in creative subjects, to assess the impact of the education students receive. The work is being led by Glasgow School of Art, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art).


Project outcomes

Making Value Matter in a Metrics Melee: Creative Arts and Design Dilemmas (Insights from a Devolved Nation)

Publication date: 28 Apr 2021

Nine Dilemmas for the Skills Agenda

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

Creative Disciplines' Annual Programme Monitoring Briefing: Considering outcomes metrics as part of enhancing programme design and delivery

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

Tool Kit for Reflecting on Impact

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

Considering the Learner Journey from the Student's Perspective

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

Visualisations of the Creative Disciplines' Learner Journey: Documentary Expressions and Student Voices

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019

Understanding the Learner Journey in the Creative Arts - Describing and Understanding the Learner Journey with the Cultural Ecology of Scotland

Publication date: 29 Apr 2019

Data Matters Conference

Prof. Vicky Gunn delivered an update on the work of the creative disciplines collaborative cluster at the Data Matters Conference. The conference took place on the 16 January and was jointly run by the M5 Group (QAA, Jisc and HESA). Delegates considered how institutions can make the most of data and metrics to improve the students' education. It also provided an opportunity to discuss whether the sector’s investment in data and metrics is making a difference. Vicky’s presentation considered how creative disciplines can engage with data including what evidence is meaningful to promote the curriculum and the skills that students develop on their way to graduating.

Weaving narrative and numbers to create a pattern of student success

Publication date: 14 Feb 2019

Introduction to the creative arts collaborative cluster

Publication date: 14 Feb 2019

Project reports

Creative Discipline: Collaborative Cluster - End of project report

Publication date: 10 Jan 2020

Creative disciplines: collaborative cluster - year two update

Publication date: 10 Dec 2018

Scoping the Creative Arts Territory in the Scottish Context

Publication date: 09 Oct 2018