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20 Years of Enhancement, Bulletin #3

Date: February 20 - 2023

The 20 Years of Enhancement campaign reflects on the past 20 years of Scotland’s enhancement-led approach to quality, providing current and past staff and students with the opportunity to explore lessons learned and the future of enhancement in a tertiary education sector. In the third of QAA Scotland’s regular updates on the campaign, we look back on the activities completed so far and how you can get involved.

2023 kicked off with a bang with the release of the freshly updated Transitions Skills and Strategies resources in January. These popular resources, originally developed as part of the Student Transitions Theme in 2015, are a suite of free, ready-to-use and customisable resources for staff and students, organised by skill, which have been revised and updated to support their use across a tertiary education system. The updated resources will continue to support students and the staff who support them to develop skills to navigate transition points in the learner journey.

The second of the campaign’s virtual panels, ‘Where in the world is enhancement? Exploring the international impact of Scotland’s enhancement approach’ took place on 13 February 2023. Since its implementation in 2003, Scotland’s enhancement approach to quality has become established as an example of good practice for innovation in the enhancement of the student experience. The session brought together a range of representatives from international institutions to explore how lessons from Scotland’s approach to quality have been used to embed quality enhancement in international HE sectors and what colleagues in Scotland can learn from their experiences.

We’d like to thank Professor Martha Cadell (Director, Learning & Teaching Academy, Heriot-Watt University) for leading the session and to our excellent panel members who helped demonstrate how Scotland’s enhancement approach is valued internationally and its real and lasting impact on the world. Something Scotland should be very proud of!

We would also like to thank all the session attendees who contributed to a very engaging discussion. A full recording of the panel along with visual minutes of the session is available on the 20 Years of Enhancement webpage.

Coming soon – we will shortly be releasing an update of QAA Scotland’s popular Student Voice Cards resources that were originally produced within the Evidence for Enhancement Theme. These resources have been updated to support their use by students, and the staff who support them, in a tertiary education environment. We are planning to publish these freshly updated resources on 13 March 2023.

Interested in learning more about the 20 Years of Enhancement campaign? Then check out the Enhancement Themes website. We’ll be updating the 20 Years of Enhancement campaign webpage regularly, so look out for session recordings and other exciting opportunities to get involved. Join the conversation online using #Enhancement20.