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20 Years of Enhancement, Bulletin #4

Date: April 18 - 2023

The 20 Years of Enhancement campaign provides staff and students with the opportunity to explore the lessons learned from the past 20 years of Scotland’s enhancement-led approach to quality and look to the future of enhancement in a tertiary education sector. In the fourth of QAA Scotland’s regular updates on the campaign, we review recent campaign activities and upcoming events.

In March, we published the freshly updated Responding to student voice: Principles of practice cards. The cards and associated guidance have been amended to support their use across a tertiary education system.

The cards were originally developed as part of the Responding to Student Voice project within the Evidence for Enhancement Theme in 2018 and have remained popular resources for planning and discussion. They are intended to provoke discussion and reflection, and to be useful in review exercises at any scale at any time among any students and staff who want to enhance the way they respond to student feedback. The revised Principles of practice cards together with guidance and supporting information can be found on the project webpage.

Earlier this week, the third in our series of 20 Years of Enhancement blogs was published by WonkHE. In this blog post, Professor Veronica Bamber, Professor Emerita of Higher Education, Queen Margaret University, reflects on our deepening understanding of transition in the tertiary education sector and how Scotland’s enhancement-led approach to quality has contributed significantly to this body of knowledge.

We have also opened registration for QAA Scotland’s 5th International Enhancement Conference, ‘Shaping the student experience together: 20 years of enhancement’ which will take place in Glasgow on 14-15 June 2023. The conference is the last item on the 20 Years of Enhancement Campaign and is an excellent opportunity to reflect on 20 years of the enhancement-led approach in Scotland and what the sector has achieved together. The packed programme will also allow delegates to engage with innovative practice developed through Resilient Learning Communities and the Enhancement Themes more broadly, and explore the role of an enhancement-led approach to quality in a tertiary education landscape.

We have received an amazing response so far and in-person places are filling up quickly. If you would like to attend in person and have the opportunity to choose from the full conference programme, we would encourage you to complete your registration before it closes on 19 May 2023.

Coming soon: The final virtual panel of the campaign, ‘Building connection: The role of enhancement in embracing ‘relationship-rich’ education’, will take place on 4 May. In this session, sector colleagues will be welcomed to take part in a conversation with Professor Peter Felten, Professor Leo M. Lambert, Robyn Thiel and Amaya Gaines, students from Elon University and Abertay University, on the role of relationship building to foster and improve student success. Drawing lessons from Professor Felten and Professor Lambert’s most recent book, Relationship-Rich Education: How human connections drive success in college, the conversation will explore themes of resilience, the value of community, and the role of enhancement in supporting student success. Registration for this session is proving extremely popular so far. If you would like to join what promises to be an exciting session, you can register on the event webpage.

Interested in learning more about the 20 Years of Enhancement campaign? Then check out the Enhancement Themes website. We’ll be updating the 20 Years of Enhancement campaign webpage regularly, so look out for session recordings and other exciting opportunities to get involved. Join the conversation online using #Enhancement20.