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Evaluating Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience

Date: March 29 - 2021

We are delighted to announce the publication of Professor Liz Thomas’ report on the evaluation of the 2017-20 Enhancement Theme, Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience. The full report is available on the Enhancement Theme webpages and includes an executive summary which outlines the key findings and recommendations.

This report explores the evaluation activities that took place across the entirety of the 2017-20 Enhancement Theme. A logic model approach was used to support the sector’s evaluative activities, which was applied across all levels of activity and the duration of the three-year Theme. Using this approach, the sector explored the short-term benefits, medium-term outcomes and long-term impact of the Enhancement Theme.

The report findings draw on a rich evidence base including 90 case studies, annual institutional reports, and interviews and focus groups with key sector groups and bodies.

Colleagues are encouraged to delve into the report to find out:

  • how the logic model supported a whole-Theme approach to evaluation and helped us identify how the use of evidence enhances and directly improves the student experience
  • how the Theme helped us develop a more evidence-informed culture in Scottish higher education
  • what we learned about how the Enhancement Themes are organised.

More information about the Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience can be found on the Enhancement Theme webpages.

If you have any queries about the evaluation work or the Theme, please contact us at

Evaluation of the impact of the Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience Enhancement Theme

Publication date: 29 Mar 2021