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Explore the new Staff Guide to Using Evidence

Date: June 1 - 2020

It’s here!

We have now published the Staff Guide to Using Evidence in Higher Education.

Building on the core content and fundamental principles of using evidence established in the Student Guide to Using Evidence in Higher Education, staff engagement with data and evidence is the focus of this second edition. The structure and format of the student facing edition have been intentionally retained in the new Staff Guide so that concepts and terminology will be familiar to those who have already made use of the student edition.

Academic, professional support services staff and senior managers are at the forefront of using evidence and data. From changing learning and teaching practice in response to student feedback to developing new institutional strategies, data and evidence underpin all aspects of the student experience. Seven new case studies draw on these different staff perspectives and activities resulting in a document that will be valuable to a range of higher educational practitioners. In addition to the learning points elicited by the case studies, the Guide links to and draws upon a number of other Theme resources.

Practically focused, the Guide will support staff who may be less familiar with key concepts, helping to build knowledge and confidence. Each section of the Guide is self-contained so can be used independently. Whether you are planning small scale local learning and teaching interventions or preparing for a large-scale institution-wide development, the Staff Guide will help you use evidence to support your work in rigorous and effective ways.

One of our aspirations for the current Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience Theme is to increase staff confidence and empower staff using evidence and data to effect change. We hope this Guide goes some way to fulfilling that purpose.

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