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Evaluating the impact of work on enhancing the student experience - summary booklet published

Date: July 5 - 2021

QAA Scotland has published a new summary booklet on the completed evaluation work underpinning the Evidence for Enhancement Theme that ran from 2017-2021. 'Evaluating Impact' will appeal to anyone with an interest in enhancing the student experience and evaluating the impact of that work. It’s a great companion piece to the full research report.

The Theme reflected on the data available in Scotland and how it might be best managed to identify issues, prioritise interventions and, importantly, evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions.

The importance of an evidence-based approach to enhancement has been reinforced by the recent SFC report, Coherence and Sustainability: A Review of Tertiary Education and Research (published 29 June 2021) which emphasised that 'data and evidence should inform our understanding of practice, QA and plans for enhancement'.

The booklet provides a summary of the Theme evaluation activities across Scotland, examples of achievement in Scottish institutions, in-depth case studies, key findings and recommendations for action.