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Download our Paku Paku Pack

Date: June 25 - 2019

A Paku Paku, sometimes called a paper fortune teller or chatterbox, is an origami game that uses questions and answers. You might have played with one at school, but probably didn't know its Japanese name (パクパク), which describes the action of a mouth opening and closing. It's the same term that gave Pac-Man its name!

As it's based on asking questions, you can use it as a prompt to get people talking - either as an icebreaker or for a longer discussion session. They are inexpensive to produce and fun to use.

We've created a pack of resource materials to help you use the version we have created or design and use your own Paku Paku activity. The pack includes:

  • guide to designing, populating and using a Paku Paku in an educational setting
  • blank design template
  • customisable Word document with tables for planning your activity
  • customisable PowerPoint slides with folding instructions.

Send us your feedback

We would love to hear about how you’ve used your Paku Paku. What did you find worked well? What advice would you give to other people who are designing a Paku Paku activity? Share your thoughts with us! Send us an email to